Pack List - Week of 2/13/23
Produce Package, Week of 2.13.23

  • Savoy Cabbage from Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington, VT. This mild, sweet cabbage is round like green cabbages but has more tender leaves like Napas. An all around excellent veggie! Store in the crisper drawer of your fridge, where it will keep for at least 3 weeks. Certified Organic.
  • Sweet Potatoes from Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington, VT. Store potatoes in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Root cellars, cool pantries, or a basket on your countertop all work well! Enjoy within a month. Certified Organic.
  • Yellow Onions from Last Resort Farm in Monkton, VT and Pete's Greens in Craftsbury, VT. Store in a cool, dark pantry; or in a bowl on your countertop. Keep separate from potatoes and out of the sun. Certified Organic.
  • Red Beets from Pitchfork Farm in Burlington, VT. Store beets in your fridge’s crisper drawer. Beets keep for weeks or months when properly stored. Keeping your crisper drawer clean helps maintain a conducive storage environment, and you can refresh beets, carrots & other root veggies with a quick bath in cold water every now and then. Certified Organic. 
  • Mutsu Apples from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, VT. These big, firm golden green apples are extremely versatile and keep very well in the fridge. Apples produce ethylene, so keep them separate from any tender greens. Eco-apple Certified. 
  • Watermelon Radishes (Variety Only) from Pitchfork Farm in Burlington, VT. Best kept in your crisper drawer, you should treat these like beets or carrots and keep them very cool and very dry. Certified Organic.
Recipe Recommendations
  • Savoy is quite versatile: enjoy it in a salad (great in a caesar - you can even grill the greens first to tenderize and add flavor). It's also great braised. I love it with white beans - this recipe for Cabbage and White Beans with Chili & Garlic is a great starting point. 
  • Beet Pickled Eggs are absolutely gorgeous and 100% certified DELICIOUS. Simply simmer some diced beets in a cup of water until tender, then combine with a cup of vinegar, 1/3 cup sugar, 2 teaspoons salt and stir until everything is dissolved. Pour over a jar of [peeled] hard-boiled eggs, refrigerate, and enjoy within a few hours! 
  • Beet hummus is also divine and really beautiful - magenta dipping! Enjoy this recipe here
  • Sweet potatoes with tahini butter and lotsa spices = a lovely and brightly-flavored, yet warming dish for the winter. Top with pickled onions and cilantro. (Recipe)