Pack List - Week of 2/27/23
Produce Package, Week of 2.27.23
  • Gold Beets from Pete's Greens in Craftsbury, VT. Store beets in your fridge’s crisper drawer. Beets keep for weeks or months when properly stored. Keeping your crisper drawer clean helps maintain a conducive storage environment, and you can refresh beets, carrots & other root veggies with a quick bath in cold water every now and then. Certified Organic. 
  • Shallots from Pete's Greens. Store in a cool, dark pantry; or in a bowl on your countertop. Keep separate from potatoes and out of the sun. Certified Organic. 
  • Pea Shoots from 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield, VT. These tasty tendrils are super delicious and should be eaten within 3 days. Store them in the mildest part of your fridge. Certified Organic.
  • Sweet Potatoes from 1000 Stone Farm. Store potatoes in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Root cellars, cool pantries, or a basket on your countertop all work well! Enjoy within a month. Certified Organic.
  • Orange Carrots from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT. Our favorites! Store them in your crisper drawer, eat often! Kept cold and at the proper humidity, carrots will last for months in your fridge. If you’ve got some older carrots in your fridge that are looking a bit sad, a quick rinse and soak in cold water can revive them. Certified Organic.
  • Mushrooms (Variety Only) from 1000 Stone Farm. These are super fresh and should be eaten within 3 days of receiving, lest they dry out. If they do dry up a bit, just rehydrate in a bit of stock and enjoy. Certified Organic.

Recipe Recommendations
  • Mushroom risotto is a classic. You can even bake the rice instead - it won't end up quite as good, but nearly. Just put in the oven for 20 min at 375, covered.
  • Sweet potatoes with tahini butter and lotsa spices = a lovely and brightly-flavored, yet warming dish for the winter. Top with pickled onions and cilantro. (Recipe)