Pack List, Week of 12/5/2022

December! Less than three weeks to the Winter Solstice – may we all find time to rest and reflect through the longer nights. We invite you to keep your hearts and bellies warm with plenty of roasted veggies, soups & stews, and frequent baked goods. Next week’s produce package is a good one! Let’s take a peek: 

Produce Package, Week of 12/5/22: 

  • Koginut Squash from Bone Mountain Farm in Bolton, Vermont. One of our favorite winter squashes - stores best around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. A cool pantry or cellar works best – whatever you can manage, keep it out of the fridge! Certified Organic. 
  • Rutabaga! from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington. The milder, sweeter cousin of the turnip. Store them as you would your turnips! Keep them wrapped tightly, and as cold as possible without freezing. Properly stored, rutabagas can keep for weeks or even months. Certified Organic. 
  • Red Beets from Pitchfork Farm, just down the road in the Intervale. Store beets in your fridge’s crisper drawer. Beets keep for weeks or months when properly stored. Keeping your crisper drawer clean helps maintain a conducive storage environment, and you can refresh beets, carrots & other root veggies with a quick bath in cold water every now and then. Certified Organic. 
  • Yellow Onions from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT Store in a cool, dark pantry; or in a bowl on your countertop. Keep separate from potatoes and out of the sun. If you notice any sprouting, go ahead and use the green bits like scallions and the white bulb as usual, but find a new home for future onions (or use them a bit sooner). Certified Organic 
  • Green Kale from Trillium Hill Farm in Hinesburg, VT. Store kale in the coldest part of your fridge, away from excess moisture or fruits like apples and pears. If your kale begins to wilt or lose structure, you can “shock” it in cold water to revive it a bit. Best enjoyed within the week. Certified Organic. 
  • Mutsu Apples (Variety Produce Package Only) from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, VT. Also known by the name Crispin, these apples are sweet, floral & crisp, similar to a Golden Delicious. Great for fresh eating & superb for baking. Store in your crisper drawer, away from tender greens and other vegetables. Eco-Apple Certified. 


Recipe Recommendations: 

  • Rotmos, anyone? Rotmos, or “root mash” is a simple & nutritious dish of Swedish origin, incorporating rutabaga, turnip, carrots, and potatoes. Wash and prepare one pound of potatoes; and two pounds total of rutabaga, turnip, & carrot. Peel the veggies and cut into even-sized pieces. Place the rutabaga, turnip, and carrot in a medium saucepan and lightly cover with well-salted water (you can substitute chicken or veggie stock here for a flavor boost!) Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 20-30 minutes. Add your potatoes and cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes. Strain & purée the mixture until smooth, and season with S&P and a dollop of butter. A good dish for the slow cooker if you’re pressed for time! 
  • Looking for another Scandanavian take on rutabagas? Sure you are! Pop on over to our website to check out our take on Lanttulaatikko, a Finnish rutabaga casserole traditionally served during the winter holidays. 
  • We love our root veggies at the Food Hub, and we love our ferments! If you’re feeling adventurous, try making some Beet Kvass, a lacto-fermented beverage made from beets. If that sounds a bit too exciting, we’ve got a few beet recipes that are crowd pleasers: Borscht, Beet Fritters, Chocolate Beet Muffins, & Beet Hummus!