Pack List - Week of 1-9-23
A veritable vegetable mix for the second week of January!
  • Baby Spinach from Jericho Settlers Farm in Jericho, VT. This should be stored in its container in the fridge. If you're hoping to keep spinach super fresh, open the bag and let it breathe a bit. Spinach releases ethylene, a natural ripening hormone. Letting it breathe helps to prevent wilt! Enjoy within the week. Certified Organic.
  • Red Potatoes from Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington, VT. Store potatoes in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Root cellars, cool pantries, or a basket on your countertop all work well! Enjoy within a month. Certified Organic.
  • Orange Carrots from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT. Store them in your crisper drawer, eat often! Kept cold and at the proper humidity, carrots will last for months in your fridge. If you’ve got some older carrots in your fridge that are looking a bit sad, a quick rinse and soak in cold water can revive them. Certified Organic.
  • Scarlet Turnips from Honey Field Farm in Norwich, VT. Keep them wrapped tightly, and as cold as possible without freezing. Properly stored, rutabagas can keep for weeks or even months. Certified Organic.
  • Yellow Onions from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT. Store in a cool, dark pantry; or in a bowl on your countertop. Keep separate from potatoes and out of the sun. If you notice any sprouting, go ahead and use the green bits like scallions and the white bulb as usual, but find a new home for future onions (or use them a bit sooner). Certified Organic.
  • Asian Pears (Variety Package Only) from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, VT. Sweet & crisp, these store best when kept cool, keep them in your fridge! Apples, like pears, also produce ethylene, so keep them separate from any tender greens. Eco-apple Certified.