Pack List - Week of 1/30/23
Produce Package, Week of 1.23.23

  • Shallots from 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield, VT. Store in a cool, dark pantry; or in a bowl on your countertop. Keep separate from potatoes and out of the sun. Certified Organic. 
  • Rutabaga from Intervale Community Farm in Burlington, VT. Keep them wrapped tightly, and as cold as possible without freezing. Properly stored, rutabagas can keep for weeks or even months. Certified Organic.
  • Baby Gold Beets from Jericho Settlers Farm in Jericho, VT. Store beets in your fridge’s crisper drawer. Beets keep for weeks or months when properly stored. Keeping your crisper drawer clean helps maintain a conducive storage environment, and you can refresh beets, carrots & other root veggies with a quick bath in cold water every now and then. Certified Organic. 
  • Full Send Kimchi from Pitchfork Pickle in Burlington, VT. Packed with napa cabbage, daikon, and garlic grown on Pitchfork's farm at the Intervale and spiced with chili powder and ginger. Get your gut right and send it!
  • Asian Pears from Champlain Orchards in Shoreham, VT. Sweet & crisp, these store best when kept cool, keep them in your fridge! Pears, like apples, also produce ethylene, so keep them separate from any tender greens. Eco-apple Certified. 
  • Sweet Potatoes (Variety Package Only) from Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington, VT. Store sweet potatoes in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Root cellars, cool pantries, or a basket on your countertop all work well! Enjoy within a month. Certified Organic. 

Recipe Recommendations
  • Rotmos, anyone? Rotmos, or “root mash” is a simple & nutritious dish of Swedish origin, incorporating rutabaga, turnip, carrots, and potatoes. Wash and prepare one pound of potatoes; and two pounds total of rutabaga, turnip, & carrot. Peel the veggies and cut into even-sized pieces. Place the rutabaga, turnip, and carrot in a medium saucepan and lightly cover with well-salted water (you can substitute chicken or veggie stock here for a flavor boost!) Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 20-30 minutes. Add your potatoes and cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes. Strain & purée the mixture until smooth, and season with S&P and a dollop of butter. A good dish for the slow cooker if you’re pressed for time! 
  • Looking for another Scandanavian take on rutabagas? Sure you are! Pop on over to our website to check out our take on Lanttulaatikko, a Finnish rutabaga casserole traditionally served during the winter holidays. 
  • Kimchi fried rice is SUPER good and a great way to tone down kimchi if you're not always keen to eat it up. Simply fry it up with some leftover rice and top with any greens, shredded root veggies, and a fried egg. Yum!